Dominating "Position 0" in SERPS

As SEO becomes more competitive in the e-commerce space, Bruce Clay has to look at new ways to help our partner Sharaf DG dominate high volume search terms. We looked at “Position 0” for the answer…


Part of our ongoing partnership with Sharaf DG is to highlight areas, where we see the potential for growth. Increasing qualified organic traffic to their website to drive sales (which had recently declined) both online and in-store was identified as a key area of development.

The target market was English speaking, UAE based individuals.


Position Zero (sometimes also referred to as rank zero or featured snippet) was implemented by Google several years ago and provides the best result for searchers, in an easily accessible format positioned above rank one on Google SERPs.

This position is highly sought after, so utilising in-depth research and available knowledge about Sharaf DG’s customer’s path to purchase, we targeted this covetable space and focused our efforts on the development of specific category pages combined with product listings to make an impact on qualified organic traffic.

By creating a single page which utilised text, video and images to showcase the products, along with schema markup, we qualified the page to rank for position zero.



  • Achieved Position zero for keywords totaling 15+ million impressions per month!
    Site wide structural changes, including an entirely new content structure for new mobile products contributed to this massive uplift
  • Position 0 for keywords including “iPhone Price” & “Samsung S9 Price”
    You can pretty much search for the price of any mainstream mobile phone and Sharaf DG will be at position 0 – extremely important for new releases when competition for sales heats up in the electronics space.
  • Obtained a 100% increase in CTR
    Sit at the top and the CTR will increase. Qualified results for qualified searchers result in better CTR.
  • 42% increase in qualified organic traffic
    Conversion rates for mobile phones increased, simply by driving more qualified traffic through to the site.
  • Like for like sales increased by 70%
    Money talks. Like for like sales during Q4 of 2018 were up, mainly through selling more iPhones, why did we sell more? Because we were at Position 0!


  1. Understand where you can add value
    You will never be able to achieve Position o for all search terms that you want, so you have to understand where your site and product currently add value to end users and look to find opportunities accordingly 
  2. Research, Research, Research
    Research for gaps. Look at Google suggested questions and answer them accordingly. Simply writing and hoping will not work, you need to have laser focus for ‘Position 0’
  3. Call in the experts if you don’t know
    You don’t have to know it all, you can call in experts to help you along the way. At Bruce Clay, we have been helping partners take Position 0 since SERPs started to change over 2 years ago. Call us if you need a hand! 


    • Put yourself above position 1

      It has always been about fighting for the first place on search engines. However, with Position 0, you can now leap frog your entire competition and show up above all the organic search results. That’s got to be worth investing in, right?

    • Improve your CTR

      Research shows that all rich results, even when found below the fold, have better click through rates than text based search results found in the same position. Ultimately, you want to get people onto your site, and being at the top of the results page is always going to help your CTR and ultimately, traffic! 

    • Obtain more qualified traffic

      Due to the nature of Position 0, the user ends up with a better idea of what can be found on your page. It is no longer left to the title and description to try and entice the user to click through; now they can see what they will find on your page. This then should drive more qualified traffic to your site. In the case of Sharaf DG, this meant people seeing the prices of phones on the results page, knowing that the prices are competitive and then clicking through, resulting in an uplift in like for like sales.


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